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Welcome to Genco Technology Consultants

Here We strive to help the Human Race cope with the constantly expanding world of professional and personal technolgies. Everyday there is a new piece of equipment or software released that may be able to help you to run or expand your business or help improve your personal life, our goal is to make your access and use of these new technologies as easy as possible.

Thanks for visiting our Site! Please feel free to contact us for any questions.


Worked with a new model of Android Tablet today, the Samsung GalaxyTab 10.1 S from AT&T. Great Product! We definitely recommend it. Fast and easy to use. More details here.

New Website Coming out this week. Work on the website is coming along, slowly but surely. You are looking at the Beta of it. Hopefully I can get it up as soon as possible.


iPhone 4S not everything iPhone addicts were hoping for.


Facebook Page is now up. We will see how business and FB work together.


Installed Windows 8 Beta on my personal PC today, Will post a critique in the blog when Im done testing.


Runnind Android 4.0 on my personal cell phone, its a beta release but it is an extremely efficient version, if anyone has and android theyd like to upgrade contact me and I can see if your device will handle it.


Biometrics have come down quite a bit in price. Secure your home now!


Genco Technology Consultants
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